Aladdin-Jet Industrial direct to garment printer



                                               Focus Aladdin-Jet Industrial direct to garment printer


    2/4 epson DX5     2/4epson  DX7 piezo print head

    Print Color


    2*CMYK+WWWWWWWW (White)

    Color channel setting

    Optional choose

    Color management

    ICC curve, default ICM, General CMS.

    Max. Printing size


    Pallet size

    40*50cm standard shirt pallet*3pcs

    20*20cm baby shirt pallet*2pcs

    40*60cm large shirts pallet*3pcs

    20cm*60cm sleeve pallet*2pcs

    Printing Direction

    Uidirection / Bidirection

    Printing speed (40*50cm area)

           2*CMYK+ 2*CMYK Bidirection

      2*CMYK+8*White Bidirection

    0:51            720*360dpi

    1:03            720*360dpi

    1:03            720*720dpi

    1:27            720*720dpi

    1:45            720*1080dpi

    2:15            720*1080dpi

    2:19            720*1440dpi

    3:21            720*1440dpi

    3:47            720*2160dpi

    4:55            720*2160dpi

    4:38            720*2880dpi

    5:57            720*2880dpi

    Carriage motion frequency

    600-2000mm/s optional

    Ink dot jet frequency

    1Hz-2000Hz optional

    Carriage drive type

    DC  servo motor

    Table drive type

    AC servo motor

    Guide type

    Linear rail

    Ink dot type

    1bits, 2bits, dark, halfton, real time

    Fire type type

    Rand, fog, wave, 2D

    Head maintainance type

    Wet-cap system /   Idle flash system

     Control type

    computer Intelligent

    Printing resolution

    720*360dpi /    720*540dpi/    720*720dpi/    720*1080dpi             720*1440dpi /    720*2160dpi/    720*2880dopi

    Color Ink Tank Volume

    250ml non-chips bulk supply

    White ink tank volume

    500ml non-chips bulk supply

    White ink print type

    Spot, gardient, UnderColor, Substrate, Spot+substrate, Spot+Under color

    Ink type

    DTG ink/   sublimation ink/   reactive ink/   discharge ink/   eco solvent ink/   CTS ink.

    Ink process

    Filter system+white ink shaking system+white ink circulation system

    Printhead Protection

    Intelligent Self Protect System


    110-220V 50-60HZ 250W

    Printing Interface


    Operation System

    Win2000/ WinXP/.Win7

    Working Environment

    50%humidity,  21-29¡æ

    Printer Size


    Shipping Size


    Printer N.Weight/G.Weight



    Technical features:

    1.  Unique design
    Focus Aladdin-Jet industrial direct to garment printer is not as others paper modified direct to garment printer or DTG printers, it is a real industrial direct to garment printer that all build by focus digital technology except the print head.

    2. Two / Four head creation.
    Aladdin-Jet industrial direct to garment printer was mounted with 2 eposn DX5/DX7 print head for standard model, while it can be also updated to 4 heads, 8 heads model without change system.

    3. One move pass printing type.
    Print the white and color ink by one carriage move pass, save half time than the traditional printing twice method. the traditional direct to garment printer almost print white ink first then back to print the color on the top. by one pass printing can raising your production and save cost.

    4. Own build electronic system.
    Aladdin-jet DTG printre is working under Focus digital created electronic system, no epson, no mutoh or Mimaki, intelligence error alarm, auto motion step adjustment,  Automatic Print head anticreep; Aumatic electronic board anticreep;  EMI protected...

    5. High precision driver system.
    We use the AC/DC servo motor to drive the X.Y axis of the printer moving with high precision.

    6. Strong mechanial motion build.
    #20-05 ABBA good rigid ball screw go with HIWIN linear rail to guide the table motion.

    7. One-stop pallet family.
    The motion flatbed table was mounted with 21pcs high precision flangle. you can exchange the pallet for print on different media with different size, shape on several seconds.  so the aladdin-jet industrial direct to garment printer can support to print on 3pcs* 40*60cm large size T-shirt and garment printing / 3pcs* 40*50cm standard size T-shirt and garment printing / 2pcs*20*20cm baby shirt direct to garment printing / 2pcs*20*60 sleeves direct to garment printing  & pants direct to garment printing  in one time.

    8.  Auto idle / during printing FLASH jet design.
    The auto idle / during printing flash jet design can prevent the nozzle clog while the printer is idle. you can set the flash jet frequency from 1HZ to 1000HZ. so even some noozles got clogged, you can also flash out by a certain large frequency.

    9. Bulk ink supply system for color and white ink.
    Both white and color ink are use the bulk supply system with ink filter, air filter for each color,  also the non-chips design can let you far away from reset the ink chips, no ink cartridges headache.

    10. With white ink process system.
    The Aladdin-Jet industrial direct to garment printer is mounted with Auto white ink feed system, White ink shaking system and White ink circulation system, it can solve out the problem of white ink settling to prevent the print head.

    11. Individual multi-functional cap station design
    The individual cap station design can save lots of ink during head cleaning as you can choose 1st head or 2nd head to clean, the clean pumping time, pumping pressure can be setted.  You can also set the wip time, waiting time to release the print head and ink damper air pressure after purage, the individual design can also prevent the white ink and color ink mixing during head cleaning and maintain after printing.  You can aslo choose KEEP WET to drive the print head back to cap station for prevent nozzle clog if pause print for several hours.  The auto cap cleaning system can help you to wash the cap station, wiper and maintain print head after printing easier.

    12. High speed.
    Two heads print with 2*CMYK+8*White can finish a 30cm*30cm by 1:05mins, while only cost 47s when print with 2*CMYK+2*CMYK. You can set the head fire frequency, carriage motion frequency custom.

    13. Powerful and humanizing control system.
    The Aladdin-Jet control system can finish all working orders by your mouse. It can control the flatbed forward, backwoard, carriage to left, to right, flash jet on/off; Keep wet. printing pause/stop; Support ink dot jet type by : RAND / WAVE / FOG / 2D; Automatic step and X. Y gear ratio adjustment; skip-empty pixel printing;  white ink printing by SPOT / TOP / BOTTOM / Motion frequency set optional....

    Please click here for more information about Aladdin-Jet control system.

    14. Good performance color management
    Good color management with built-in color.icm and custom ICC curve adjustment. support 3rd partner rip as Photoprint servo. Wasatch TX RIP for direct to garment


    15. Free update of Firmware and Logic for our aladdin-jet dtg printers for all customers all the time.


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