A2+ Butterfly-Jet / BG Direct to garment printer



    1. Specification:

     Focus A2+ Butterfly-Jet/BG   direct to garment printer
    Printing size 420mm*500mm
    Printhead Piezo Inkjet 1440 Nozzles technology
    Print Color 8 Color: C,M,Y.K.LC.LM.LK.LLK.GO                                                                   / White color model: C,M,Y,K+W,W,W,W
    Printing Direction Bi-Direction / Unidirection
    Printing Speed 720DPI model: A4 size/75s
     Control pannel Touch pannel / LCD
    Max. height of object 16CM
    Max. Printing resolution 2880DPI*1440DPI
    Ink Tank Volume 150ML
    Ink Eco solvent ink / Textile ink / CTS ink / Edible ink / Discharge ink
    Height Adjust Automatic/Manual Adjust
    Printing Object Height Examine Automatic Detecting
    Printhead Protection Intelligent Self Protect System
    Power 110-220V 50-60HZ 75W
    Printing Interface USB2.0/LTP
    Operation System Windows95,98,NT,2000,XP,MAC
    Working Environment 10-35 C,20-80 RH
    Max.printing weight 50KG
    Printer Size 1200*820*600mm
    Shipping Size 1300*960*710mm
    Printer N.Weight/G.Weight 190KG/210KG
    2. Technicial features:
      1. Universal popular design. 
       2. High temperature oxidation treatment of paint on the mechanical, prevent color off and anti-scratch.

       3. This Focus digital Butterfly-Jet EX direct to garment pritner is build as strong mechanical making, 5mm thickness metal frame, 20mm thickness aluminium plate flatbed, all mechanical spareparts made from high quality aluminium, insure all parts working stable without distortion and flatbed moving without shake and excursion after longtime working.

       4. Grinding treatmented ball screw guide rail go with dual cylindrical rail for Y axis motion. Driver the flatbed motion with high precision.

       5. Focus Butterfly-Jet ex dtg printer no need to use the cartridges, instead of the closing ink bag system,  as all the 8 ink supply system were closed, so there is no air inside the ink supply system.  It can prevent the air bubbles inside the ink, to prevent the print head clog during printing and idle. specially for print with white ink, it can prevent the white ink setlling and dry with a good result.  


          focus ink bag system focus white ink bag system


    6. Also the ink bags can be recyle using by refill connectors or degassing machine easily.


    focus refill tools


    7. USA paul brand ink filter can filt the impurity of the ink to prevent the head clog.



    8, Tube with three-way-valve easy for customer flush print head without take out print head, just put the tube inside head cleaning solution and press the solution charge button, then all nozzles got flushed, no need to remove the heads for filling manual, it is most used for daily maintainance.


    9. Modified waste ink container also make customer convinence for load ink and maintain head.


    focus keep wet system

    10. Pr-heating system with dual far infrared rays function is avaliable for custom optional, it can got max. 400 degree under 30 seconds. it is very useful when print with eco solvent on hard rigid media to print as direct to substrate printer and digital flatbed printer, as the ink can be adsorbed well by the media to get a good washness and anti scratch.


    11. Vacum fan were mounted at he back of print head to pull hot air out for prevent the ink dry inside print head.



    12. Automatic up and down limit detecting by industrial red ray sensor. Can prevent the print head and flatbed scratching during printing.


    13. Four pieces T type screw guide go with copper nut. make the Z axis motion stable to achieve the printing flatbed surface level on any position.



    14. Single chip board control system can control the flatbed move forward, backward, up, down, auto online, auto offline, continus cycle printing easy.    



    15. Focus newest created ink carriage chips outlay reset system and waste ink pad reset system.  Can remove your headache for printer can not recognize chips. Just press the reset button then chips will be reseted.



    16. Matching Professional FocusRip white rip and printing software raster special for the direct to garment printing, digital flatbed printing. Geting better graphic raster and rapid result while printing with white ink. Powerful function such as clor management, color channel divide management, ICC optional, Whiteness adjustable.




    17. Optional solution


    A: Solution for sign area when print with eco solvent ink.

    B: Solution for dtg area when print with direct to garment printer ink, digital T-shirt printer ink.

    C: Solution for Edible area when print with edible ink. such as cake.

    D: Solution for CTS computer direct to screen area for make the digital screen plate when print with CTS ink.



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