Direct to garment ink pre treatment

    Compatible with Epson MicroPiezo® direct-to-garment (DTG) machines, Focus digital CMYK & WHITE inks create vibrant prints with superior washability.

    White Ink Specification:

     Water-based pigmented WHITE ink

     Cure: 330 ºF (177 ºC) @ 120 seconds

    Fastest Cure for Epson-based machines!

     Shelf Life: 1 year @ 50-70ºF (10-20ºC)

    Introducing: Focus vibrant direct to garment inkjet Ink

    Highly pigmented formulation

    Full coverage of light-colored garments (strong opaque print)

    Defines outlines and provides strong contrast for sharper looking prints

    Researched & Developed based on end user demand



    On the Market!

    Other Direct-to-Garment Consumables

    Cleaning Solution – Clear, fine-filtered formulation

    ALL-In-One Light-Color Garment (100% cotton) & Polyester Pretreatment – Amazing

    color vibrancy, enhanced clarity, and improved washability

    Pretreatment for Polyester – Print to 100% Poly or blends with excellent clarity

    Custom Development – Spot color inks, specialty garment pretreatments, etc.


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