Direct to garment printer



                             Focus A1+ Ark-Jet/EX Direct to garment printer

    Printing size

    600mm*1650mm (Can be made custom)


    Piezo Inkjet 672 Nozzles technology

    Print Color

    8 Color: Cyan. Magenta. Yellow. Black. Light Cyan and Light Magenta.Light black. Light light black

    White printing: CMYK+WWWW

    Printing Direction


    Printing Speed

    1440DPI model: A4 size/ 90s

     Control pannel

    Touch pannel

    Max. height of object


    Max. Printing resolution


    Ink Tank Volume



    Oil Base Ink / Dye base ink / Textile DTG ink

    Height Adjust

    Automatic/Manual Adjust/ Red-ray control

    Printing Object Height Examine

    Automatic Detecting

    Printhead Protection

    Intelligent Self Protect System


    110-220V 50-60HZ 75W

    Printing Interface


    Operation System


    Working Environment

    10-35 C,20-80 RH

    Max.printing weight


    Printer Size


    Shipping Size


    Printer N.Weight/G.Weight



    Technical features:

        1. Universal popular design. 

        2. High temperature oxidation treatment of paint, prevent color off and anti-scratch.

        3. Strong mechanical making, 5mm thickness metal frame, 20mm thickness aluminium plate flatbed, all mechanical spareparts made from high quality aluminium, insure all parts working stable without distortion and flatbed moving without shake and excursion after longtime working.

        4. Grinding treatmented ball screw guide rail go with dual cylindrical rail for Y axis motion. Driver the flatbed motion with high precision.

        5. Servo motor with adjustable driver can let the Y axis flatbed moving get precision by 0.01mm. Compare with the step motor, the servo motor can achieve the recycle motion diagnose. It can make the printing very stable and got higher resolution printing. even 5# words can be printed out clearly. 

        6. Four pieces T type screw guide go with copper nut. make the Z axis motion stable to achieve the printing flatbed surface level on any position.

        7. Made in France bearing go with high strength cylcular belt, extend the printer working life and reduce the working noise. 

        8. Newest bulk bottle ink supply system for this direct to garment printer, no need to change the ink cartridge any more, just change the ink bottle when replace the ink and refill the ink.

    Focus newest WIPS white ink processing system also created for direct to garment printer, digital apparel printer, digital t-shirt printer to print with white ink to dark media, it is a good solution for titanium white ink settling and head clog, there are include White Ink Shaking System, White Ink Circulation System, One Step Flushing System. The shaking speed, shaking time, circulation flow rate, circulation time are also adjustable.


        9. Industrial PLC control system is the heart of printer,  Before we use the single chip control system, so if any problem will cause the print error, now we use the PLC control system, It is a special alone control center, can dispatch all the working command to different electronic parts separately of the t-shirt printer , and get worked information back. Then process and check itself, also it have self protection problem. Even any problem happen, the PLC will stop for protect the printer and prevent the print head, electronice board and other electronic parts damage.  So it is easy to find out the problem and repair it even any  problem happend.


        10. High quality made touch screen control pannel. 

        11. Automatic up and down limit detecting by industrial red ray sensor. Can prevent the print head and flatbed scratching during printing.

       12. Focus newest created ink carriage chips reset system and waste ink pad reset system.  Can remove your headache for printer can not recognize chips.

    13. Matching Professional FocusRip white rip and printing software, Get better graphic raster and rapid result while printing with white ink. Powerful function such as clor management, color channel divide management, ICC optional, Whiteness adjustable.  Good raster result for direct to garment printing.


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