Direct to garment White ink

    Brilliant white ink for digital flatbed printing DTG printing on textile material.


    • Designed to work in printers with low-viscosity piezo-electric printheads.
    • Specially developed for direct-to-garment or roll-to-roll digital printing on cotton or cotton-rich blends.
    • Applications include: a variety of apparel and specialty applications.

    Color: White

    End Use Properties Datda
    Fabric Type: 100% Cotton; 50/50 Poly/Cotton without White Base Coat

    Print Resolution: 720 x 720 dpi, 100% Ink Coverage

    The following data represents results of internal testing performed with the specified ink, fabric and print resolution. Results in actual
    end uses may vary, depending upon the particular conditions of use.

    Individual test result:

    Test name Test IN Number White ink
    Wash fastness(70??C) Shade chanfe AATCC 61 (ISO 105-C06) ??
    cotton ?? 3.5/4.5
    50/50 cotton/Polyester ?? 4.0/4.5
    Optical density ?? 1.1
    Light fastness( Xenon lamp 40hr) AATCC 16(ISO 105-B02) 4.6
    Light fastness( Xenon lamp 20hr) AATCC 16(ISO 105-B03) 4.8
    Wet and dry crockfastness Fused: AATCC 8 (ISO 105-X12) ??
    Cotton ?? ??
    50/50 cotton/Polyester with white  ink ?? 3.5/4.5

    Application Properties:
    This focus white ink is formulated
    with the same colorants used in
    conventional textile printing and
    meets industry standard performance.
    The ink and pretreatment are
    integrated into a matched system that
    works together for optimum results.
    The ink should be stored in a clean,
    dry area with temperature controlled
    between 10¨C40??C.


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