High quality Digital Alien-jet flatbed UV printer with competitive price


    General Explaination:
    flatbed UV printer with competitive price was specical designed for customer who want to get a industrial printing speed and commercial printing result, special for customer who want to get a vivid color result and high density of white ink printing. Also this machine was built with industrial level configuration as Linear rail for both X carriage and Y flatbed motion. Dual Servo motor go with the Ball screw to let the motion with high precision. Also the one pass printing model (Print white ink and color ink in one time) and high carriage printing frequency up to 18000K can save the time and improve the printing speed for customers with this stable printing effect New Condition digital mobile skin printing machine


    Specification:New Condition digital mobile skin printing machine can print on metal, glass, crystal, tile ceramic, acrylic, phone case, PVC, PU, Leather, Silicome, wooden... ...No matter what material printed on, it will dry immediately. The speed for printing 1 iphone 5s case about 1-2min. Please check the clear explaination as following:


                                       flatbed UV printer with competitive price
    Print Method
    Eightcolor On-demand inkjet (micro piezo print technology, intelligence drops transformation technology)
    Print head
    R2000 with DX7 MicroPiezo print head
    Printer resolution
    Print speed (Two heads)
    80seconds / Full 50*38cm size
    Max. printing area
    Max. media thickness
    Print direction
    Unidirection / Bidirection
    Ink cartridge type
    Split type
    Minimum ink drop size
    Ink cosume
    15-20ml/squre meter
    Ink supply system
    Ink configuration scheme
    8 color: CMYK+WWWW
    Max printable area
    A3 310 *520mm
    Max adjustable height
    Max object thickness
    Printing gap
    Height adjust
    Printing resolution
    720*360dpi /    720*540dpi/    720*720dpi/    720*1080dpi    720*1440dpi /    720*2160dpi/    720*2880dopi
    400 Mbp
    Support Ink type
    LED-UV Curing ink /soft uv ink/ flexible ink
    Color management
    ICC Curve &Default ICM
    Rip software
    FocusRIP-8.2.6 / Photoprint servo
    Printhead Protection
    Intelligent Self Protect System
    110-220V 50-60HZ 550W
    Printing Interface
    Operation System
    Win2000/ WinXP/Win7/WIN8
    Working Environment
    50%humidity,  21-29Degree, Clean room, low dust, less sun light, good
    Printer Size
    Shipping Size
    Printer N.Weight/G.Weight





    DX7 MicroPiezo print head

    Name: Print head

    Original: Japan

    The focus New Condition digital mobile skin printing machine refit the original EP R2000 printer with DX7 MicroPiezo print head, greatly save cost, and adhering to the high precision, high speed function



    Grating inside ,reduce damage and polution. Square shaft,make sure high precision print and avoid print slower after long time used



    UV curing patent technology, and cooperate with the imported high quality cooling water system, to ensure the high light efficiency, 3d embossed effect, dry immediately, good curing effect




    Firmed and Thick flatbed ,can print heavy material,glass surface easy to clean

    Super volume ink tank

    Usage:For continus ink supply to the print head

    The Super volume ink tank can ensure the print head inkjet with continus ink supply from the ink tank, also 5 ink tank can allow to put max. 5 color to be sure the New Condition digital mobile skin printing machine can also print on dark garment with white ink under high density.




    Printing sample:


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