New upgrade and designed Galaxy-Jet A1 uv flatbed printing machine



     Focus Galaxy Jet digital UV printer belongs to Galaxy-Jet, which is a multi functional LED digital UV printer  that created by Focus industrial co., UV printer was built with industrial configuration as thicken aluminum profile, water circulation cooling system, 100W automatic detect UV Curing system...16 color and max.2880DPI*1440DPI printing resolution. Flatbed uv printer Can print on bend, cylinder objects, balls and bottles. Output with good 3D texture printing result... 




     Model  Focus-       Galaxy-Jet A1 uv flatbed printing machine  
     LED-UV Function  UV lamp system  6 Power degree adjustable system
     UV Power  100W
     UV lamp life time  50000hours
     UV light wavelength  390-400nm
     Light power  500mw/w
     Cooling type  Water circulation
     Cooling adjustment  Automatic on/off between 25-30c
     Control Software  FocusRIP8.2.3 
     Repeat printing precision  Overlap small than 0.1mm
     Head maintain  Head clean during/after printing, Keep-wet system when idle.
     Ink system  Automatically Ink damper refill system
     Max. printing size  A1+: 600mm*900mm
     Print head  One or Double DX5 piezo head with 1440 nozzles
     Print color  2*(CMYK+WWWW)
     Print direction  Unidirection / Bidirection
     Print speed  A2(1440dpi)/ 120s
     Max. media thickness  120mm
     Max. media weight  15KG
     Max. printing resolution  2880DPI*1440DPI*720DPI*360DPI
     Ink volume  150ML
     Ink type  UV environmentally ink
     Height adjustable  Manual / Automatic
     Print head protection  Intellective automatic detect
     Working power  110-220V 50-60HZ 75W
     Interface  USB2.0 /IEEE1394
     System require  Windows XP / Vista/ Win7 / MAC I Linus
     Working enviroment  25-30C, 50% Humidity, Dust free
     Net weight/Gross weight  180KG/200KG
     Net weight/Gross weight  120CM*100CM*79CM
     Net weight/Gross weight  150CM*110CM*89CM  

    Technical Features

    1. New upgrade and designed Galaxy-Jet A1 uv flatbed printing machine has space saving design to let customer can lay machine on a small room. Outlook of the flatbed printer with dust free design. The new design reduces the environmental impact on equipment. 

    2.Fast printing speed by print on A1 size 600*900mm with full color of flatbed uv printer only need 120 seconds.

    3.Super table size of uv flatbed printer ensure you can print on any media with max. 600*900cm printing area.




    4.Thicken aluminium profile made as the keel of flatbed uv printer to ensure the machine stable working.


    5.Support max. material thickness 120mm. expand more printing area for customer.


    6.Modularized design of the flatbed to ensure the fast Focus-Pallet-Add-onfamily exchanging procedure for get a mass production.

    7.The ballscrew move preforward and backward make the flatbed more stable, the prinitng media will not be any shake when prinitng, so that the printing result will be better.Combine with the closed-loop structure circuit design  to enhancethe stability of thesystem and ensure the flatbed printing with one pass printing precision and repeat printing precision.



    8.Intelligent Anti-Scratch-Protectionsystem  can detect the media by both sensors to prevent the print head from scratching.

    9.2*CMYK+WWWW, 16 color, make the printing speed faster and printing color more vivid, configured with High quality LED UV curing system with 48pieces LED UV lamps, which make ink pipe and uv system cooling faster, and the UV ink dry immediately, so the texture effect will be made.



    10. Automatical ink refill system and flat wire connets with printer head make printing more efficient. 


    11. Breathe ink damper connect with bulk UV bottlet through black ink pipe can make prinitng process simple, there is no need to change the ibk bottle again and again.Beside, the breathe ink damper can also reduce the oppotunity of printer head clogging


    12. Easy operation panel of uv flatbed printing machine can control the flatbed for Backward, Foward, Up, Down, Pause/Stop, Online/Offline and ink changing, to let you operate the machine more convinence.

    And the ink button CMYK can control the ink quantity when printing.



    13. The original mainboard focus all the wire and refill system together, control the printer more flexible.


    14. 16 color customize channel of digital UV printer can get a high density brilliant printing results both on dark and light media with White ink and color ink printing.


    15. Galaxy-Jet A1 uv flatbed printing machine gets Unique 3D texture output option available of this Galaxy-Jet A1 UV flatbed printer



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