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    General Explaination:

    The  newest designed Focus brand Vega-Jet Model industrial DTG T shirt printing machine was specical designed for customer who want to get a industrial printing speed and commercial printing result, special for customer who want to get a vivid color result and high density of white ink printing. Also this machine was built with industrial level configuration as Linear rail for both X carriage and Y  flatbed motion. Dual Servo motor go with the Ball screw to let the motion with high precision. Also the one pass printing model  (Print white ink and color ink in one time) and high carriage printing frequency up to 18000K can save the time and improve the printing speed for customers. 

    The Newest Ricoh GH2220 also mounted on Focus Vega-Jet, it can be choosed by 3pcs/5pcs.  This Ricoh print head was belong to industrial level as the variable data ink droplet printing,  good viscosity compacity, high fire frequency and grayscale printing... Please check the clear explaination as following:



    Focus Vega Jet t shirt printing machine
    Printing technology
    Print head technology
    Print head quantity
    3pcs/5pcs optional
    Ink droplet
    8 Degree
    Fire frequency
    Eclosion type
    Rand, Wave, 3D, Fog, Pass
    Print speed (Two heads)
    80seconds / Full 50*38cm size
    Max. printing area
    Max. media thickness
    Print direction
    Unidirection / Bidirection
    Repeat printing precision
    Overlap small than 0.1mm
    Carriage motion frequency
    600-2000mm/s optional
    Ink dot jet frequency
    1Hz-2000Hz optional
    Carriage drive type
    DC  servo motor
    Table drive type
    DC servo motor
    Drive type
    Taiwan Hiwin ball screw
    Guide type
    Linear rail
    Ink dot type
    1bits, 2bits, dark, halfton, real time
    Fire type type
    Rand, fog, wave, 2D
    Head maintainance type
    Wet-cap system /   Idle flash system
    Control type
    Computer Intelligent / LCD button
    Printing resolution
    720*360dpi /    720*540dpi/    720*720dpi/    720*1080dpi                  720*1440dpi /    720*2160dpi/    720*2880dopi
    Color Ink Tank Volume
    500ml non-chips bulk supply
    White ink tank volume
    500ml non-chips bulk supply
    White ink print type
    Spot, gardient, UnderColor, Substrate, Spot+substrate, Spot+Under color
    Support Ink type
    DTG ink/ sublimation ink/ reactive ink/ discharge ink/ eco solvent ink/ CTS ink/LED-UV Curing ink .
    Ink process
    Filter system+white ink shaking system+white ink circulation system
    Color management
    ICC Curve &Default ICM
    Rip software
    FocusRIP-9.5.2 / Photoprint servo
    Printhead Protection
    Intelligent Self Protect System
    110-220V 50-60HZ 850W
    Printing Interface
    Operation System
    Win2000/ WinXP/Win7/WIN8
    Working Environment
    50%humidity,  21-29Degree
    Printer Size
    Shipping Size
    Printer N.Weight/G.Weight





    Industrial Ricoh Print Head

    Name: Print head

    Brand: Ricoh

    Original: Japan

    The focus Vega-Jet was mounted by 3/5pcs Industrial Ricoh print head, which can get 8 degree grayscale, 5.2-22pl Variable data ink droplet printing. 500-1800k adjustable fire frequency to drive the print head printing with high speed inkjet under durable printing. 

    Carriage Japan Linear Rail

    Name: Guide Rail

    Brand:  Hiwin

    The carriage was mounted with Japan brand linear rail to driver the carriage moving with high precision and low noise, also to esure get a good X axis repeat printing precison.


    Laser engraving mechanical making.

    Making technology: Laser engraving
    All the metal parts and mechanical parts were made by CNC laser engraving technology to be sure the machine get a stable keel and frame to support the heavy duty job printing. also the transparent Dust-Free window can prevent the dust free of print head and anti-UV effect ink to get head clog and easy monitored.

    Humanistic interface exchanging operation .

    All the movment of the machine can be done by the humanistic interface such as  flatbed backward/forward, up/down,  and also can detect the phase and encode  of each position. easy to operation and maintain.


    Servo Motor for Carriage

    Name: DC servo motor

    Original: Korea 

    The Korea DC servo motor drive the carriage motion with correct phase to get a cycle data feedback and Add-up phase position. so the X axis can print with high speed and stable. 


    Super volume ink tank

    Usage:For continus ink supply to the print head

    The Super volume ink tank can ensure the print head inkjet with continus ink supply from the ink tank, also 5 ink tank can allow to put max. 5 color to be sure the Altair-Jet can also print on dark garment with white ink under high density.



    Printing sample:




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